Artistic & Magical Creations to engage your intellect, enrich your soul and enchant your heart

Professor Steven Paul Carlson’s Traveling Magic & Mystery Show

Steven Carlson

Professor Steven Paul Carlson’s traveling magic and mystery show.  Magic that mystifies the mind, enriches the soul, and delights the heart!  Acclaimed by the Crowned Heads of Europe!

This is a promotional poster for the turn of the century themed events where I perform my magic.  I wanted it to have an old magic/theater/carnival style design to it.

I wanted to be sure to include the “Acclaimed by the Crowed Heads of Europe” line.  I put that in to honor my all time favorite Con Man/Professor, Professor Marvel, from the 1939 motion picture The Wizard of Oz.  It was printed across the side of his wagon.  One of my favorite scenes from the movie is where Dorothy, wanting to run away, asks if she can go with him to see the crowned heads of Europe.  Professor Marvel responds, “Do you know any?”

Marvel's wagon

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