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The Hole in the Glass of Wine

The Hole in the Wine Glass

A perfectly round hole appears in your glass of wine!

You are opening a bottle of wine.

You’re using a foil cutter to remove the top piece of foil. You remove the cork and pour a glass of wine.

As you are sitting relaxing drinking your wine when you look down at the glass and discover there is a perfectly cut hole in the wine glass!

What the heck!

For a quick moment you feel the hair raise on the back of your neck.

This has to be the most bizarre occurrence you have ever experienced!

In a performance of a magical illusion the magician would stop right here. The audience is totally baffled.

The strange thing about this story is that I am a magician, a professional for over 40 years, and this was actually happening to me, real time… no tricks no illusions. I personally opened the bottle of wine and poured the wine into my glass.

Good magicians never reveal their tricks. However this was no trick, at least not in the magic sense. This was in reality a strange and bizarre accident.

When I used my foil cutter to remove the foil top on the bottle one of the cutting wheels was loose and cut an extra piece of the foil. A perfect thin foil ring as thin as the glass its self.

I removed the cork and poured the wine. The thin foil ring fell from the neck of the bottle into my glass along with the wine unnoticed. While I was drinking my wine the foil ring, by chance, stuck to the inside of the wine glass, clinging to the glass with the help of the liquid. This really was a freak accident, because try as I might to recreate it I could not.

When I looked down at my glass and saw the “hole” I was confounded. It really was a perfect illusion. I can’t think of a strong enough word to describe my emotions at that moment. As a magician I deal in the impossible, I work creating the illusion of miracles, I believe in the impossible. For a brief few moments I seriously wondered if I was not witnessing real magic at work!

After a moment or two I mustered the courage to stick my finger into the hole. That is when the magic bubble burst. My finger did not go through a hole but hit glass, I instantly realized what I was actually seeing. It was a perfect illusion a stunning magic trick, a bizarre accident, presented just for me.

For a brief moment I, a professional magical performer for over 40 years, instantly became a baffled & bewildered spectator.

I loved every moment of it. Because I remembered, that this feeling of total amazement was why I got into magic in the first place. I wanted to enable my audience to experience that very same feeling of wonder and amazement all the time.