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Kitty vs. bug

Look in the center of the Kitty’s paw 😉 I caught this shot by total accident. My greyhound dog Gabbie and I were in Colorado; I was showing my art there at the Renaissance festival. At our apartment, one floor below us lived the cutest and most unique cat. He love to ride in the car and even went for walks on a leash with his human.

One morning during Gabbie’s and my walk there he was sitting on his balcony, very focused on something his little head moving, obviously following something. I could not tell what he was so intent on but I had to get a photo of his extreme focus and concentration. As I clicked the camera his paw shot out at something in the air. I still didn’t know what until I pulled up the photo in my computer. He had smacked a bug right out of the air right off its flight path.